Get Outside Activities, Events, and Workshops 

Everyone can participate in the special events we organize, promote, and sponsor locally here in Berea. Throughout the year we have workshops, local hikes, and evening bike rides. Become part of our community, we are always having fun.

GOKY Logotype for Get Outside LLC under the assumed name of Get Outside KY, located in Berea, Kentucky. Area leaders in canoe, e-bike. kayak and SUP rentals.

Local and Regional Activities and Events

Throughout the year, GOKY diligently organizes, engages in, and sponsors a plethora of community activities and events. We firmly believe that as an integral part of our esteemed community, it is paramount to uphold the values and principles that define our environmental and recreational ethics. By extending an invitation to join us in these endeavors, we are confident that you will derive equal enjoyment and satisfaction from the experience. Come join us.

Free Intro to Kayaking Workshop & Fun Float

Join us for a FREE Intro to Kayaking Workshop followed by a Fun Float on Saturday, June 15th, 2024, from 10 AM - 12 PM at Lake Reba Park (Kayak Launch)!

June Bike Rides

Join us in Berea throughout the month of June for a number of events. Find more information on Facebook and Instagram