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One of the few KY businesses that grew during the COVID pandemic.Β 

Get Outside KY (GOKY)

About Get Outside KY, A Local Ecotourism Business Based in Berea, Kentucky

Customers just call us GOKY; we do not normally wear suits and ties, except when the occasion is warranted. The company started up as an LLC in 2018 and has accomplished big plans as GOKY grew and developed a reputation as a leader in Berea/Kentucky tourism. So far so good, with dozens of five star reviews on Google and Facebook.

Hi there, outdoor enthusiasts!

My name is Alex Sipple, and I'm the owner of Get Outside KY, your one-stop shop for unlocking the adventurous spirit of Berea, Kentucky. Since 2018, I've had the pleasure of helping over 1,000 visitors experience the beauty of our town in a whole new way.

Meet the Get Outside Team

More Than Just Rentals, Get Outside KY isn't just about kayaks and electric bikes (although those are definitely fan favorites!). Our passion goes beyond providing gear. We also do a number of other things and serve as local tour guides! Meet our management team.

Alex Sipple

Founder, Chief, Berea City Tourism Commissioner, and Outdoor Steward

Jay Rogers

Captain of Bicycle and eBike Operations, Mechanic, and Bike Builder Extraordinaire

Bo French

Captain of Water Sport Operations
and Water Safety Expert

Our Get Outside KY Story

In the year 2017, Owsley Fork was discovered by an individual who had spent a considerable portion of their childhood outdoors and had worked at the Big Hill convenience store for many years. Despite the close proximity to Owsley Fork, this individual was unaware of its existence and the fact that it was freely accessible as part of Kentucky's natural heritage. This discovery sparked a multitude of ideas and contemplations within the local community. Based on their background in outdoor recreation leadership, the organization known as Get Outside KY was established.Β 

To provide the local community with the opportunity to experience Owsley Fork via kayak, the organization experienced gradual growth during its first two years of operation. A significant event, the COVID-19 pandemic, subsequently occurred, resulting in widespread closures of nonessential businesses and the implementation of new operational guidelines. Being fully outdoors and adhering to these guidelines, Get Outside KY remained open and achieved remarkable growth of ten times the combined total of previous years. This significant growth in outdoor recreation led to increased demand for equipment, outdoor lifestyle items, and physical activity. Furthermore, supply chain disruptions caused equipment backorders, and the pandemic emphasized the importance of an active lifestyle as a means of staying healthy during the pandemic. Get Outside KY capitalized on the surge in interest in outdoor activities by expanding its rental fleet to include a variety of water sports equipment and adding electric bikes for Berea's multi-use path. These strategic initiatives gained traction and ultimately led to the organization being invited to establish a closer presence in the heart of Berea. Consequently, a retail location was established, providing a dedicated space for customers to check in, socialize, shop, and explore the city of Berea. Throughout this period of expansion, Get Outside KY also garnered the attention of Berea Tourism, as well as the Parks and Recreation departments. This recognition culminated in the organization's most recent venture: the establishment of a new location at Lake Reba.

Rental services for water sports are now available at the designated location for walk-up customers. Simultaneously, a longstanding local bicycle shop, Mikes Hike and Bike, was ceasing operations. The establishment employed exceptional individuals and held a significant position in Madison County. Fortunately, through regular visits during its operational period, a friendship was fostered. This friendship led to the creation of GOKY HQ, a project of Get Outside KY. Jay, driven by a desire to perpetuate cycling culture, received enthusiastic support from Get Outside KY. Two years since its inception, the establishment has evolved into a comprehensive bicycle shop. With unwavering dedication, GOKY has witnessed steady growth in community events, rides, and overall cycling culture. We extend an invitation to join us in shaping the future for upcoming generations.

What We Offer

Top-notch Equipment: Choose from high-quality kayaks and electric bikes, the perfect companions for exploring Berea's scenic trails and waterways. We also offer various recreational gear in shop for a complete outdoor experience.

Local Knowledge: As a Berea resident and tourism advocate, We are brimming with insider tips and recommendations. Want to find hidden gems off the beaten path? We are your team!

Exceptional Service: Our mission is to make your adventure seamless and enjoyable. You can count on us to provide friendly and helpful service throughout your Berea experience.

Why Choose Get Outside KY?

Convenience: Ditch the bulky gear! Rent everything you need right here in Berea, eliminating the hassle of bringing your own equipment.

Memorable Experiences: Our equipment lets you explore Berea at your own pace, creating lasting memories in the heart of Kentucky.

Supporting Local: Choosing Get Outside KY means supporting a small business passionate about promoting Berea's tourism industry.

Berea is a Trail Town

Join the Get Outside KY Family!

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer, we're here to help you discover the magic of Berea.Β  Reserve your equipment online or visit us!Β  Don't forget to leave us a review after your adventure – we love hearing about your experiences!

Welcome to Berea and Kentucky! Come on, let's Get Outside!

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