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Who and What?

Inspiring the Return of Recreation

     Get Outside KY has operated in Madison County, Kentucky for 6 Years expanding the horizons for what Recreation is and what it means for Culture today. 

     By creating opportunities within small communities that will shape the future landscape for generations to come. GOKY has been able to establish multiple locations for greater access to Recreation, community building, education, and even stewardship.

Our Story

"Hey, Have you been to Owsley Fork?"

"Whats that?"

"Only the most pristine lake of Madison County, and its located a stones throw from Big Hill!"

"No way, Lets go."

Discovery : A word often used in Recreation to find new experiences, locations, or activities. 

    In 2017 Owsley Fork was discovered by a long time local.  Someone who was outside for most of their childhood and worked at the Big Hill convenience store for many years.  Which is only 2 miles from Owsley Fork by the way, had no idea that such a Beauty existed and that is was FREE access to Kentucky's Natural World.  This created many ideas and thoughts in the locals head.  From a background in Outdoor Recreation Leadership, Get Outside KY was created. 

   To give the local community an opportunity to experience Owsley Fork by Kayak.  Which grew slowly for the first two years.  Then an extreme event happened: COVID 19.  This shut everything down that was non-essential or you had to operate with new guidelines.  Being 100% outside and within those guidelines, Get Outside KY stayed open and grew 10x then the previous years combined!  This sent Get Outside KY and all people into an outdoor frenzy.  Equipment, Outdoor Lifestyle Items, and Physical Activity increased drastically.  From equipment being back ordered, to a more active lifestyle being pushed onto the people as COVID 19 would get ya!  Get Outside KY capitalized with the growth in outdoor interest.  By adding a variety of water sport equipment to the rental fleet, as well as adding Electric Bikes for Berea's Multi-use path.  This gained traction and soon enough Get Outside KY was asked to move closer into the Heart of Berea.  A Retail location was created!  A space for people to check in, hang, shop, and explore Berea.  Through the entire expansion we also caught the eyes of Berea Tourism, and the Parks and Rec departments.  Which brings us to our newest location: Lake Reba.

     We now offer Water Sport rentals at that location for walk ups!  As this was happening a local long standing Bicycle Shop (Mikes Hike and Bike) was closing.  Excellent human beings worked their and it was an important place for most of Madison County.  Luckily a friendship started with visits through out the open years there.  Insert Get Outside KY's creation of GOKY HQ.  Jay wanted to continue with the bicycle culture and Get Outside KY was all ears.  Two years in and we are a FULL service Bicycle Shop. With consistency GOKY persevered and Community Events/Rides and Culture is on the rise.  So Join us.  Lets shape the Future for generations to come.

Meet The Team


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